In order to provide basic knowledge of team leadership, managerial skills & state craftsmanship there is a student's union & Cultural Association for +3 & +2 students respectively.
Under strict adherence to Lingdo Commission's recommendations office bears to the different posts of the Union & Associations are elected with utmost disciplinary measures.

Functions of union
The college students union shall remain the sole tribune of the students opinion inside the college functions are
a) To organize discussion on the general cultural and academic problem.
b) To organize debate
c) To invite eminent persons to address the union.
d) To take up such other activities as are proposed by the union and approved by principal.

Membership of the Union:
Every bonafide student of the Degree classes is a member of the Union. The meeting of the Union shall be open to all members of the staff who if so desire can take part in the proceedings of the meeting.

  1. Executive Committee :
    There shall be an Executive Committee of the College Union consisting of
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Secretary
    4. Asst. Secretary
    5. Class representative (one from each class or section)
    6. In case no girl student contests the election, two girl representatives be nominated by the Principal immediately after election is over.
  2. Function of the Executive Committee :
    1. To draw up the programme of the activities of the college union for the current session.
    2. To adopt the union budget for the session.
    3. To undertake such other activities as are in keeping with the aims and objectives of the Union with the approval of the Principal.
    4. In inviting guests to the Union, the majority decision of the Executive Committee is required. In case of any disagreement the decision of the Principal is final and obligatory.
    5. Quorum for the meeting is 1/3rd of the total membership.
    Some clarification regarding Function of the Executive Committee :
    1. An ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee may be called by the Secretary in consultation with the Advisor. Notice for such a meeting with date, time place etc. shall be given to members at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.
    2. An extra ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee can be convened at any time by the Principal.
    3. A meeting of the Executive Committee shall be presided over by the President, or in his absence by the Vice-President, or in the absence of the both by, any member of the Committee elected at the meeting. All such elections must be conducted by the Advisor.
    4. No meeting of the Executive Committee can be conducted without the presence of the Advisor.
    5. 2/3 rd of the members of Executive Committee shall constitute the quorum
    6. The minutes of the meeting shall be maintained by the Secretary and a copy thereof shall be communicated by the Secretary to the Principal through the Advisor within two days.
  3. The Advisor :
    There shall be an Advisor and one or more Associate Advisors appointed by the Principal from among the members of the staff.
    The advisor and Associate Advisor/s shall remain present at the meeting of the Executive Committee and the ordinary meeting of the Union. They may suggest whatever they think necessary for proper conduct of the meeting. The President of the student union may also refer to the Advisor any rule for interpretation and the decision of the Advisor shall be deemed to be final.
    The Advisor may at any time during a meeting at the request of the president explain the scope and the effect of the motion of amendment.
    The advisor may, if he is unable to be present at a meeting request the Associate Advisor to take his place and the Associate Advisor shall discharge all the functions of the Advisor. The Advisor may preside over a meeting whenever he is specially requested by the President to do so.
    The Advisor of the college union will draw the money and will submit all account statements before the Principal for final audit. The secretary of the student union shall maintain the accounts record of the Union when so desired by the Advisor.
  4. The President :
    Any student member of the union is eligible to contest for the post of president of the union. However he has to satisfy the eligibility criteria as recommended by Govt. from time to time.
    Being elected he will preside over all ordinary meetings of the Union at which he is present. He shall be responsible for maintaining order and interpreting the rules. But when the Advisor will find that, the interpretation given by the President may divide the House on any ground and may deter the larger interest of the institution he will give his own interpretation which will be deemed to be final. However, the Principal is the highest appellate authority whose interpretation, ruling and decision will always be treated as final and obligatory with regard to the College Union.
  5. The Vice President :
    There shall be a Vice-President elected from among the students of 1st year & 2nd year of +3 stream of the college. In the absence of the President the Vice-President shall assume all his rights and discharge all his duties.
  6. The Secretary :
    Any member of the Union can contest for the post of Secretary of the college Union.
    1. The Secretary shall on the decision of the Executive Body issue notice for all ordinary meetings and record the minutes of all meetings whether ordinary or extraordinary. All such notices issued by him should be countersigned by the Adviser and the Principal.
    2. He may propose the subject for debate or discussion and place the agenda in the executive body for a decision or take a decision in consultation with the President and the Advisor.
    3. The secretary shall maintain the accounts of the Union when so desired by the Advisor.
  7. The Assistant Secretary :
    There shall be an Assistant Secretary elected from among the students of the 1st year and 2nd year of +3 stream of the college. He shall assist the Secretary in the discharge of his duties and in his absence shall perform all his functions.
Vacancies in Offices :

An office bearer shall normally hold his/her office for the session unless he/she;
i) Ceases to be student of the College.
ii) voluntarily resigns in writing to the Principal.
iii) Is removed as provided in rule (b) as detailed below


  1. An office bearer who fails in proper discharge of his duties can be removed by the vote of no confidence passed by two-third of the members of the Union present in an extraordinary meeting called for the purpose. The manner of voting shall be decided by the President who presides over the meeting.
  2. The office bearers who are students of 3rd year classes of +3 stream and 2nd year classes of +2 streams shall be deemed to have vacated their offices at the end of the academic session i.e. 31st May. If the posts of President & Secretary remain vacant the Vice-President and Asst. Secretary shall succeed them respectively as Acting President and the Acting Secretary till the end of academic session. The same rule is applicable to all Societies and Associations.
  3. Any office falling vacant in spite of these arrangements shall be filled by nomination made by the Principal.

After the election is over, the newly elected office bearer shall assume office after the oath taking ceremony presided over by the Adviser.

Annual Meeting :
Once in the beginning of each session there shall be an annual meeting of the Union for welcoming the new members of the Union. The date of such meeting will be fixed by the Principal. The Principal will address the meeting.

Ordinary Meeting :
The Meeting shall be arranged by the :

  1. Secretary in consultation with the President.
  2. Ordinary meeting of the Union shall be held once a week or a fortnight usually after the college hour and will last for not more than two hours.
  3. The Secretary shall cause a notice to be issued two days before each ordinary meeting containing the following particulars.
    i. Date of meeting and time
    ii. Subjects of debate
    iii. Place of meeting
    iv. Names of at least the first three speakers
  4. No meeting of the Union can be held in the absence of the Advisor.
  5. Minutes of the meeting shall be maintained by the Secretary and a copy thereof shall be communicated to Principal through the Adviser within 2 days.

Extra Ordinary Meeting :
Such a meeting may be convened; (a) At the Principal's discretion (b) On a written requisition addressed to the Principal and signed by not less than 10% of the total strength of the Union. (c) On the request of the President. The Principal or his nomine shall preside over such a meeting.

Amendment to Rules :
a) The Principal reserves the right to amend, alter or abrogate any part of the Constitution.
b) The Principal may amend any of the rules of the constitution after seeking the opinion of the Staff Council or according to the decision of the Govt. the Principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the Union


Traditional events of organizing Welcome, Farewell ceremonies, Picnics are managed by this society. It also takes initiatives during seminars and project works meant for students.