Every Student

  1. Shall conduct him/her properly and observe strict discipline inside the classrooms, library & college campus.
  2. Shall maintain discipline in the buses or other vehicles during tours, excursions and educational trips organized by the institution.
  3. Shall not do any act that directly or indirectly causes disturbance in the functioning of the college.
  4. Shall attain all the theory and practical classes.

Any Student found indulging in acts contrary to the above mentioned code of conduct; punitive action shall be taken against him/her by or on behalf of the Principal.
The following Activities will be treated as indiscipline that can invite action.

  1. Securing admission to any UG course using fabricated documents or by suppression of facts.
  2. Obstructing any student to take part in academic, co-curricular, cultural or extension activities.
  3. Possessing/using any fire arm/weapons/explosive.
  4. Possessing/using/distributing intoxicants / drugs.
  5. Indulging in any Act of Ragging/ Sexual harassment/ Violence/ Arson in the college campus.
  6. Instigating any violence/ strikes/ gherao / gambling.
  7. Stealing / damaging records / documents/ property of the college.
  8. Collecting funds for any charity/social/religious/political cause without prior permission from the Principal.
  9. Indulging in any rumor during National emergencies, riots/natural calamities.
  10. Indulging in any anti-national activities/ crimes under IPC.

Punishments: The Principal or the Officers appointed by the Principal may impose one or more of the following punishments on the students found guilty of misconduct / indiscipline.

  1. Warning/reprimand
  2. Fine up to RS.500
  3. Cancellation of Scholarships/Prize/Medal if awarded.
  4. Debar from appearing in the college exam up to one year.
  5. Expel/rusticate from the college up to 5 years.