College Rule
  1. The academic session of the College is from 1st June to 31st May. It is divided into two terms: (i) June to December and (ii) January to May.
  2. Admission : Students seeking admission to this College should submit their filled in hard copy of online (CAF) applications at any of the SAMS recommended RESOURCE CENTRES as the entire admission process is managed ONLINE by the SAMS . For details please visit DHE, ODISHA WEBSITE i.e.
  3. Re-Admission :Each student shall have to get himself/herself readmitted to the second/third year of the course within four weeks of the re-opening of the college after summer vacation subject to promotion to the higher class or otherwise.
  4. Each student must register in the college office his/her permanent and local address. Any change in address should be intimated to the office in writing.
  5. Identity Card :Identity cards are issued by the College to the students. Students are advised to carry their identity cards always. The identity card has to be produced on demand. It must be renewed every year. A duplicate card can be issued on satisfactory explanation and on payment of Rs.15.
  6. Attendance :The attendance of the students will be counted from the date of commencement of class. Students will have to attend at least 75% of classes in each subject.
  7. Discipline :
    1. Students should take their seats before their teacher enters the room and should not leave the class during the lecture. They shall not make any noise inside the class room.
    2. Students found disturbing in the classes in any way will be liable for disciplinary action
    3. Scribing, pasting placards, posters and other papers or otherwise disfiguring college walls, black-boards, tables etc are strictly prohibited.
    4. No student of the college will be allowed to take an active part in any political organization
    5. Generally no student shall be allowed to take advantage of phone-service without permission of the Principal.
    6. Students not appearing at the Test/Terminal Examination without obtaining the permission of the Principal are liable to have their promotion withheld.
    7. Students should not make any noise in the college and must not loiter in the college varandah while classes are being held.
    8. They must maintain complete silence before the staff Common Room, Principal's Chamber, Library and the College Office. They are warned not to enter the Staff Common Room and the Principal's Office without permission.
    9. Students should stand in a queue while depositing their tuition fees or approaching for any other purpose and should not enter the College Office.
    10. Students must not hold any function inside the College campus without the permission of the Principal. No private club/society should be formed in the College.
    11. No outsider should be invited to deliver lecturers in the College premises without the prior permission of the principal. All invitations for such purposes should go through the Principal.
    12. All admission to the College is purely provisional. Admission of a student can be cancelled at any time and compulsory College-Leaving Certificate be issued if it is found at any time that his/her behaviour is unsatisfactory and his/her conduct is not in the best of the college. A student may be suspended or expelled from the College if found guilty of ragging. FIR can be lodged against them and the authority may forward the accused after due investigation by an appropriate committee.

Procedure to Obtain CLC etc.: Students seeking College Leaving Certificate, Conduct Certificate etc. must apply to the Principal in prescribed form at least three days in advance along with necessary clearance certificates. Identity Card must be produced at the time of issue of CLC. CLC may be issued by registered post to students when an application is made to that effect along with a self addressed duly stamped envelope.