Administrative Block: The Administrative Block comprises of 09 Rooms including Staff common Room, Boys Common Room & Network Resource Centre.
Academic Block: It comprises of 20 class rooms and 04 Laboratories.
HOSTEL: One Women's Hostel has been constructed which is likely to be functional.


The College provides two common Recreation Rooms, one for Boys and another for Girl Students and one Common Reading Room. There is provision for a few indoor games in the Recreation Rooms. News papers in Oriya and English along with Magazines are available in the Common Reading Room for students to make good use of their leisure hours. An attendant is attached to each of the Common Rooms to meet the needs of the students. The Principal nominates teachers to remain in charge of the Common Rooms to monitor the maintenance and discipline in these Common Rooms.


This Centre is equipped with 5 number of P.Cs and 5 nos of Printers. All the Computers in this Center have Dual Core processor, 320 GB Hard Disk and 2 GB RAM. The operating system is Windows 7 & 8 with virus protection applications. The centre has access to Internet and WIFI enabled. Overhead projector & smart board are also installed here. The students as well as the faculty members are allowed to use this centre for their academic needs.

Computers available in other departments are listed below:-
  • The Department of Zoology has been provided with a Computer along with a Laser Printer.
  • The Department of Physics has been provided with a Computer along with a Laser Printer & Projector.
  • All the Sections of office are provided with their independent Computers with necessary peripherals like Scanner, Printer & Copier machine having internet access.
  • The Principal's chamber is also equipped with a computer along with necessary peripherals like Scanner, Printer having internet access & FAX facility.
  • All such facilities are also made available to the library which is on its automation process.

There are 04 Laboratories meant for the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. These are well equipped with the required appliances & facilities.


A canteen facility is made available to the staff & students of the college. There is a provision to supply normal meals @ Rs25/- only to our students & staff members. The Canteen I.C. periodically looks after the hygienic conditions here in.

  • Construction of boundary wall all around the college area.
  • To prepare Concept Plan of the future buildings.
  • Installation of energy saving lights.
  • Arrangement of a medical facilitation centre.
  • Establishment of a GYM.
  • Up gradation of laboratory.
  • Beautification of college campus & Enrichment of college garden.
  • Construction of an Auditorium.
  • Specious Library Building with all amenities.
  • Staff Quarters.