Faculty Members of the College

Dr. S.P. Pradhan, Lect. in Chem.
Sri K.C. Mohanty, Lect. in English,
Sri B.K.Sahoo,Lect-in-English
Sri R.N. Dash, Lect. in English
Sri B. Baraha, Lect. in Odia
Sri G.C. Routray, Lect. in Odia
Sri D. Das Lect. in Odia
Sri S. Behera,Lect.in Odia(Contractual)
Lt.A.K. Sahoo,Lect.in.History
Sri P.Paswan,Lect.in History(Contractual)
Department of Pol. Sc.
Dr.Manasi Kar,Lect in Pol.Sci
Sri R.K. Sahoo, Lect. in Pol. Sc.
Sri P.Naik,Lect.in Pol.Sci(Contractual)
Department of Economics
Sri T. Sahoo, Lect. in Economics
Sri P. Das,Lect. in Economics(Contractual)
Department of Sanskrit
Dr. Sucheta Mishra, Lect. in Sanskrit
Dr. Tapan Kumar Panda, Lect. in Sanskrit
Dr.D.N.Das, Lect.in.Sanskrit
Department of Education
Sri M.K. Nanda, Lect. in Education
Sri G.Gahan, Lect. in Education(Contractual)
Department of Commerce
Sri Trailokyanath Sahu, Lect. in Commerce
Department of Physics
Sri N.K. Das, Lect. in Physics
Namita Sahoo,Lect.in Physics(Contractual)
S. Pratihari,Lect.in Physics(Contractual)
Sri Sarat Kumar prusty (Demonstrator)
Sri Gatikrushna Sahoo (Lab. Attendant)
Department of Chemistry
P.K. Hota, Lect. in Chemistry
Sri S.Sarita,Lect.in Chemistry(Contractual)
Sri Laxman Khuntia,Lab.Asst.Chem(Contractual)
Department of Botany
Sri M.K. Rout, Lect. in Botany
Sri S.Pradhan, Lect.in Botany
Sri B.Raj Bal,Lect.in Botany(Contractual)
Sri Pankaj Lochan Sahoo (Lab. Attendant)
Department of Zoology
Sri K. Dash, Lect. in Zoology
Mrs. Gayatri Devi,Lect.in Zoology
Sri Brahmananda Roul (Demonstrator)
Department of Mathematics
Sri Rajkishore Samal,Lect.in Math
K.C.Sahu, Lect. in Math.
Department of Computer Science
Mrs. Madhusmita Nayak
Sri Nirmal Chandra Prusty P.E.T
Sri Sarat Kumar Behera (Librarian)
Sri Prasant Kumar Nayak (Library Attendant)
Mrs Tarulata Sahoo (Library Attendant)(Contractual)
Sri Biswanath Swain (Library Watchman cum Bearer)
Non-Teaching Staff:
Sri A.K.Prusty,Head Clerk cum Accountant
Sri D.K.Prusty,Jr.Clerck, +3 Esta.
Sri S.K. Behera, Jr. Clerk, +2 Sec.
Sri S.K. Dhal, +3 Examination
Sri D.R. Pattanaik, DEO, Computer
Sri N. Sahoo, Peon, Accounts Sec.
Sri H.K. Swain, Peon, Attach to
Sri B.K. Sahoo, Peon, Examination
Sri A. Bhutia, Watchman
Sri B.K. Nayak, Peon, Common Room
Sri P.K. Behera, Peon, Attach to +2
Sri G.K. Swain, Peon, Attach to Common Room
Sri B.N.Swain,Lib.Watchman, Library
Sri G. Nayak, Gardener/+2
Mrs. Kalpana Sahoo, Lady Attendant, Girl's Common Room
Sri Ranjan Naik,Sweeper, (Contractual)
Govt. Vocational Jr. College Staff:
Sri B.K. Pradhan, Lect. in AVT
Sri A.R. Rout, Lect. in A/A